LED full color display can save energy

- Apr 19, 2017 -

LED full color-display light efficiency utilization and product energy saving 1, multi-chip encapsulation caused the yield of decline and not easy to achieve the consistency of light. 2, the consistency of light color, how to achieve consistency of light is very difficult, will also increase the cost. 3, high-power led full-color LED packaging reliability, the higher the raw materials are relatively expensive, making the cost less difficult to decline. >> Full color LED display how to do maintenance 4, LED should be in line with the requirements of the consumer quality. 5, warm white light and high color problem. The softness of high light efficiency decreases. 6, high-power LED packaging process is very complex, artificial gravity is high, not easy to use production to reduce costs. LED full color, led as a green, energy-saving light by People's favor, will also as a mainstream media, leading the future display technology.

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