Liquid crystal material is a kind of organic matter with dual nature of liquid and solid

- Apr 19, 2017 -

L LCD Basics: Liquid crystal display is a passive display, it can not shine, only use the ambient light. It shows a pattern or character that requires little energy. Because low power consumption and miniaturization make the LCD a better display. Liquid crystal display is a liquid and solid dual nature of organic compounds, its bar structure in the LCD box in general parallel, but under the electric field can change its direction. For positive TN-LCD, when the voltage to the electrode is not added, the LCD is in "off" state, the light through the LCD is white, when the electrode with the voltage LCD in the "on" state, the liquid crystal molecules along the direction of the long axis of the electric field, the light can not be black through the LCD Selectively applying voltages on the electrodes can show different patterns. For STN-LCD, the distortion angle of the LCD is bigger, so the contrast is better and the angle is wider. STN-LCD is based on the birefringence principle to display, its base color is generally yellow-green, the font blue, become yellow green mold. When the purple polarizer is used, the base color becomes gray and grey. When using a polarizer with compensated film, the base color will become close to white, at this time the STN becomes black-and-white mode is FSTN, the above three modes of polarizing film turn 90 °, that becomes the blue mode, the effect will be better. CD LCD working principle is to use the physical characteristics of liquid crystal, in the power of conduction, so that the LCD arrangement has become orderly, so that light is easy to pass; When you do not electrify, the arrangement becomes chaotic and prevents the light from passing. Here are the features of the LCD LCD screen for you: The display is now very popular. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, power saving, low radiation, easy to carry. The principle of LCD (LCD) Unlike cathode ray tube monitors (CRT). LCD is a display device based on electro-optic effect. A character segment display device comprising a segment display method; The character, graph, image display device of the matrix display mode, the large screen LCD projection TV LCD screen and so on.

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