Mobile LCD Screen Comparison results

- Apr 19, 2017 -

STN is the main device of the early color display, initially can only show 256 colors, although the technical transformation can display 4096 color or even 65536 colors, but now the general STN is still 256 color, the advantage is: low prices, small energy consumption. The brightness of TFT is good, the contrast is high, the level sense is strong, the color is bright. Disadvantages are more power consumption, higher costs. UFB is specially designed for mobile phones and PDA screens, its characteristics are: ultra-thin, high brightness. You can display 65536 colors, and the resolution can reach the 128x160 resolution. The UFB display adopts special grating design, which can reduce the spacing of pixels and get better picture quality. UFB combines the advantages of STN and TFT: less power consumption than TFT, and the price is similar to STN

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