Mobile phone touch Screen maintenance method

- Apr 19, 2017 -

1, the touch screen and the key to the failure of all the power on the normal one will fail: add welding or replace the touch IC; add welding or replace CPU; Write software (key failure, touch normal for a certain key stuck) 2, touch screen failure. Press OK: Change touch screen. Add welding or Touch IC. Plant the CPU. Check the disconnection or short-circuit. (The normal software and CPU bad also have but rare) 3, touch screen bias, can be corrected, but after correction or bias: restoring the factory or lattice (last 1M) when the school deliberately offset screen 4, the power on the correction screen, can be calibrated, but not complete, has been to calibrate: Contact screen code tablets to write all the library CPU welding or contact IC check the contact IC around the group components have no open-circuit scratch cover. Flip Machine swap Line 5, the touch failure, the demolition machine is normal, installed and malfunctioning: touch screen four side too tightly sealed off the touch screen lead root disconnection virtual link motherboard related components virtual welding

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