Tablet computers have been used more and more extensively

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Laptops have similar structures (monitors, keyboards/mice, CPUs, memory, and hard disks) compared to desktops. Is the advantage of notebook computer is very obvious, its main advantages are small size, light weight, easy to carry. Generally speaking, portability is a notebook relative to the desktop computer the biggest advantage, the general notebook computer weighs only about 2 kg, whether it is to go to work or travel, can carry, very convenient. Ultra Light ultra-thin is nowadays (November 2012) The main development direction of notebook computer, but this does not affect its performance enhancement and function abundance. At the same time, its portability and standby power make the mobile office possible. Because of these advantages, notebook computers are increasingly respected by users, and market capacity expands rapidly. From the use of view, notebook computers can be divided into 4 categories: business type, fashion, multimedia applications, special purpose. The characteristics of the business notebook computer are generally strong mobility, long battery life; fashionable appearance specificity also has a stylish notebook computer suitable for business use; Multimedia application notebook computer is a combination of powerful graphics and multimedia processing ability and also has a certain mobility of the complex, the common multi-media notebook computer in the market has the independent more advanced video card, the larger screen and so on characteristic; Special Purpose notebook computer is serves the professional person, can in the heat, the cold, the low-pressure, War, such as harsh environment used models, more cumbersome. From the use of the crowd, students use notebook computer mainly for education and entertainment; fever-level notebook enthusiasts not only pursue high-quality enjoyment, but also the complete requirements of the equipment interface is very high. With the development of technology, tablets have been increasingly widely used, such as Apple's ipad, Microsoft's Surface. These tablet PCs integrate screens and hosts, and get better portability.

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