The advantages of financial LCD touch-one machine

- Apr 19, 2017 -

LCD Touch machine is used in the financial industry is not uncommon, many financial institutions to use one machine to provide customers with more convenient and comprehensive services, the following small addendum to the financial LCD Touch Machine application Program: One, LCD touch one machine can share some counter services Everyone has to go to the bank to transact business experience, the most distressed is queuing, more distressed is that the station is clearly showing only one person to transact business, but a wait is more than 20 minutes, when the LCD touch machine through its advantages can share the counter part of the work, one machine is easy to operate, has already saved a sum of labor costs and service time for the financial industry; Let bank employees spend their time on more professional business. II. Build communication channels between clients and financial institutions Through the software can touch the LCD machine and Office system, let staff quickly grasp the customer's latest developments, understand customer comments, and then provide the customer's most demanding services. Through customer operation detail analysis of which work needs to be perfected and improved, avoiding the customer's boring telephone access. Third, develop other business Banking institutions began to open up other business, such as: giving ads, branding, and so on, LCD touch machine through its powerful development function to cooperate with the business implementation of the program.

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