The classification diversification of LED abnormity screens

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Led-shaped screen is in the LED display on the basis of the special shape of the LED display, different from the conventional LED display rectangle, flat plate shape, its shape, has a circular arc, curved surface, the quartet six face body, letter and other irregular modelling. Distinguish between shapes, led-shaped screens roughly the following categories: First, LED Dome LED spherical screen 360 ° full visual angle, omni-directional playback video, any angle can feel good visual effect, no plane perspective problem. At the same time it can also put spherical objects such as Earth, soccer, etc. directly to the display on the need to allude to the feeling vividly, widely used in museums, science and Technology Museum, exhibition Hall. 2. LED Video logo LED video logo with different specifications of the special LED modules assembled, not subject to screen size limit, can be flexibly assembled into the arbitrary needs of customers, graphics and logo, etc., should be applied to the building roof, well-known enterprises, bank securities, municipal construction, landmark buildings, etc., can enhance the business value. 3. LEDDJ Taiwan For a year or two, LEDDJ has become standard for some of the top bars and nightclubs. LEDDJ Taiwan can match the DJ with the most brilliant eye effect, so that music and visual perfect match. With customized video, DJ platform and led large screen melting into one, can be played independently, can be combined with large screen playback, can also overlay playback, let the stage more level sense. Four, LED Magic cube The LED cube is usually composed of six led surfaces into a cube, can also be shaped stitching for geometric modelling, surface and the realization of the smallest gap between the perfect connection. Can be viewed around any angle, free from the traditional view of the plane screen, suitable for installation in bars, hotels or commercial real estate location, the audience can give a brand-new visual experience. 5. Circular Arc LED Display The display surface is part of a cylindrical surface, and its expanded graph is rectangular. 6. Irregular shape Display The display display faces an irregular plane, such as a circular, triangular, or totally irregular plane. 7. Curved surface LED Display The display surface is a three-dimensional surface, such as a spherical screen, a multi-faceted screen and a canopy. 8. LED Screen The display surface of the display is composed of several roots, and the display point spacing is larger, the permeability is higher and the contrast is low. Led abnormity display, breaking the large-screen splicing system can only be spliced into a cold rectangular shape, it can be arbitrarily stitching into a variety of irregular shapes to display some of the most creative content, not only to attract the first time to achieve better publicity, but also better expand the application of the LED display splicing.

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