What is FPC in the LCD module?

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Speaking of FPC line, we must know or know what FPC is? FPC according to function, can be divided into many kinds, such as FPC antenna, FPC touch screen, FPC electric Rong Ping, etc. FPC line is one of them, popular point, FPC line is the connector. The composing of FPC line is the one of FPC because it is the same as the composing of FPC. FPC is generally long strip, both ends are designed to be inserted The needle-shaped, can be directly connected to the connector or welded on the product. The middle is generally the line, because For FPC line all need a certain flexibility, so the substrate is generally used calendering copper, resistance twists and turns, flexible. The process of FPC routing and the surface treatment technology for FPC line The general is sinking gold, occasionally has anti-oxidation. However, the oxidation resistance process is not capable of high temperature, environmental tolerance than sinking gold, the price is similar, so most of the use of metalworking The art. In addition, there are tin spray tin and other craft, but the FPC temperature is generally below 280 degrees Celsius, and spray tin will have 300 degrees Celsius temperature, and solder paste more hardness than Small, so rarely used. FPC's functions and uses the function of FPC line is to connect two related parts or products. Now, a lot of products are used in line, Because it has certain twists and turns, in printers, mobile phones, notebooks and many other products have been used FPC line.

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