What is the advantage of touching one machine

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Touch One machine digital promotion environment shows that the consumer environment in our country is changing, consumers not only want to understand the product, but also want to get the experience demand outside of goods, so what is the advantage of touching one machine? 1. Provide digital purchasing system Touch-one machine is human-computer interaction products, not only directly with consumers can communicate, but also online to release some of the customer's concern about news, lottery, traffic lines and other information. This can not only facilitate the shopping malls all kinds of information, but also to provide consumers with a standardized, user-friendly digital guide system. 2. Additional advertising revenues As we all know, shopping malls are a very mobile place, so it needs to often use some fresh things to win consumer attention. and touching the emergence of a machine can be very good to compensate for this phenomenon, so that not only to facilitate their use, but also can appropriately increase the additional advertising revenue. 3. Attracting consumers ' attention Touch-one machine is used in shopping malls, can effectively attract consumers ' attention. Because the touch-one machine has a high-definition screen and its rich display content, can make many consumers stay in the footsteps, all the information you want to know in a short time, such as commodity prices, promotional information, store distribution, social news, weather forecasts and so on. 4. Increase the purchasing rate of consumers Touch one machine query, generally through the initiative to inquire about what they want information, so it has a shopping guide, promotional staff and other advantages not. To make communication better and more comprehensive information, such words, but can make the purchase of consumers to become more rapid, but also can improve the consumer's favor to the mall, so naturally, later return to buy the probability of higher With the improvement of the quality of life in our country, the time becomes more valuable, the shopping times are less and more and the shopping volume is becoming more and more significant. The reduction of shopping times means that the timing of catching consumers will also be cut, so how to attract consumers to the shops to become the main problem of business, merchants need to maximize the use of every a times, so that the shop furnishings more attractive to lead the trend of the avantgarde shopping environment touched consumers.

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