What should I pay attention to when I buy a laptop?

- Apr 19, 2017 -

1. Understanding the basic composition and performance of home computers A home computer means a microcomputer for household, also known as a microcomputer. The computer is actually a system, consisting of two parts of hardware and software. Hardware usually refers to the physical equipment of the computer, including hosts, keyboards, monitors, hard disks and printers. Software refers to the program and related documents, it is divided into the system software, application software and programming language three parts. The relationship between computer hardware and software is just as the tape recorder is connected with tapes. Software is the soul of the computer, if there is no software, the computer has no practical significance, the more abundant software, the computer function and the greater the role. With hardware and software, it is 1 practical computers. The main performance of the 1 computers, the CPU chips in the mainframe computer is short Cup. The most popular domestic microcomputer is the C series. The series was originally developed by IBM, which used Intel's 86-series chips as the cup, so the grades of all computers were aligned with the PCU performance numbers. At present, such machines are ranked from low-grade to high-grade 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486, 80586, and so on, the larger the number of machines, the higher the grades, the price corresponding to the more expensive. Master the Purchasing method of home computer. 1 ordinary computers to say less than thousands of yuan, for the general family is a small expense. 2. To select the mainstream model Because computers are high-tech products, update speed very fast, almost every year to launch a new grade, so must choose the popular advanced models, and try not to buy obsolete products. 3, to choose a high performance-priced models Buying 1 PCs cannot simply pursue cheap prices. Of course, households with better economic conditions can also buy the latest. 4, pay attention to the intrinsic quality of computers At present, the computer market is multifarious, many brands, the product purchase channel is complex, from the appearance is difficult to distinguish the pros and cons, so buy as much as possible brands, that is, buy some brand-name products at home and abroad, the quality of these products and after-sale are guaranteed, but the price will be a little If the choice of compatible machine, but must be the expert to be a staff, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee quality. To buy 1 of both practical and satisfactory home computers, usually to understand some basic knowledge of the computer and market quotes

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