How To Maintain LCD Mosaic Screen

- Apr 19, 2017 -

LCD splicing screen should be how to maintain? What are the maintenance methods of LCD splicing screens? LCD mosaic screen Manufacturers in the easy ventilation place, good dust and heat. DLP mosaic screen Box has a cooling system, LCD mosaic screen manufacturers but high-speed airflow through the filter dust net or by the dust adsorption on the cooling system, and dust gathered in the large-screen optical equipment, LCD mosaic screen manufacturers will have an impact on the quality of the screen. In the use, should pay attention to the screen dust and smoke, and regularly clean the filter net. LCD mosaic screen Manufacturers DLP splicing more than UHP light source, lamp life is related to screen quality and use of the cycle. In use, no boot to move the big screen, to prevent the bulb burst, LCD mosaic screen manufacturers after use, do not immediately cut off the power, let the machine after the automatic shutdown. In addition, LCD mosaic screen manufacturers to minimize frequent switching machine, lest shorten the lamp use time. LCD mosaic screen manufacturers regularly to the large-screen optical equipment to do a comprehensive cleaning process, can improve the large screen display system brightness and contrast (increase 10% to 30%). In the use, attention to daily optical components (color wheels, LCD panels, light plates, lenses, etc.) maintenance, to prevent premature aging.

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