How To Make The LED Display More HD

- Apr 19, 2017 -

To achieve high-definition display must have four factors, one is the source of Full HD requirements, the second is the display requirements can support full HD, three is to narrow the LED display dot spacing, four is LED display and video processors combined. The full-color LED display is actually moving towards a more HD. 1. Improve the contrast of the full-color LED display Contrast is one of the key factors influencing the visual effect, in general, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image, the more vivid color. High contrast has great help for the clarity, detail and gray level of the image. In some black-and-white contrast large text, video display, high-contrast full-color LED display in black-and-white contrast, clarity, integrity and other aspects have advantages. Contrast to the dynamic video display effect to be larger, because the dynamic image in the light and shade conversion is relatively fast, the higher the contrast, the more easily distinguish the human eyes of such a conversion process. In fact, the full color LED display contrast enhancement is mainly to improve the full-color LED display brightness and reduce the screen surface reflectivity, but the brightness is not higher, too high, but will backfire, not only affect the LED display life, but also cause light pollution. Light pollution has become a hot topic now, high brightness will affect the environment and the crowd. Full-color LED display panels and LED light-emitting tubes for special processing, can reduce the LED panel reflectivity, can also improve the full-color LED display contrast. Second, improve the full color LED display gray level Gray level refers to the full color LED display screen single-base color brightness from the darkest to the brightest the difference between the brightness series, the full-color LED display of the higher the gray level, color richer, the more gorgeous color; Conversely, the display color is single, the change is simple. The increase of gray level can greatly enhance the color depth, so that the image color display level of geometry increase. Led gray level control is 14bit~16bit, so that the high-end display product image hierarchical resolution details and display effect reached the world's advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, led gray level will continue to the higher control precision development. Third, reduce the full color LED display dot spacing Reduce the full-color LED display dot spacing, can be very good to improve its clarity, full-color LED display dot spacing the smaller, the more delicate screen. However, this point, must have mature technology as the core support, its investment costs relatively large, the full-color LED display of high prices, but fortunately now the market is also moving towards small spacing LED display development. Four, LED display and video processors combine LED video processors can use advanced algorithms to improve the quality of the image of poor signal to decorate, the implementation of interlaced, edge sharpening, motion compensation and so on a series of processing, enhance the details of the image, enhance the quality of the picture.

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