Matters Needing Attention Using Mobile Phone Accessories

- Apr 19, 2017 -

Mobile phone batteries in the charging process to pay attention to the output voltage of the power supply must be within the scope of the prescribed ability, otherwise the ability to achieve the charging function. When using the data line to pay attention to the relay connector must match, otherwise will not be able to achieve the corresponding function. Related mobile phone accessories must be placed in a dry environment. Rainwater, moisture, and a variety of liquids or moisture will corrode electronic components and devices. In the purchase of mobile phone accessories, the best manufacturers authorized franchise stores (cabinets) to buy, so that the quality of authentic original fittings, so that the mobile phone can be safe and normal use. Because of casual choice, the handset may not reach the best use state, the serious person even affects its normal use. Second, the cell phone or battery may cause damage to shorten its service life. Buy mobile phone stickers, in addition to see its material, but also to understand the film wear resistance, transmittance and viscosity. Professional mobile phone stickers said that the protection of the membrane transmittance is the most important factor. Abrasion resistance: Mobile phone sticker is used to protect the screen, so the wear-resistant degree must be high. Especially for some handwritten mobile phone, the wear-resistant degree of film is more important. In general, the higher the abrasion resistance of the mobile phone foil, the higher the smoothness. Transmittance: The light of the cell phone film will hurt the eyes, in normal circumstances, the phone screen itself is already very low illumination, paste a layer of film will increase the fatigue of the eyes. High-quality mobile phone film penetration luminosity around 95%%, while inferior to 80% below. Easy sticky: High-quality film can ensure that the surface of the screen is clean, the premise of automatic paste and not prone to bubble. More importantly, high-quality adhesive film more than the use of electrostatic paste, no need to glue, can be repeated use or even washing. And the general inferior sticker on the back of glue, absolutely not repeated use, not to mention washing.

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