The Difference Between LCD Mosaic Screen And Ordinary Liquid Crystal Display

- Apr 19, 2017 -

In the technology era, LCD is the best technology crystallization, LCD mosaic screen is a science and technology integration elements. In the rapid development of information technology in the past, the big screen is the best information carrier. After years of development, domestic LCD mosaic screen technology has reached high-definition, highlight, High-color technology, and integrated embedded hardware splicing technology, multi screen image processing technology, signal switching technology, so that LCD mosaic screen to achieve a new breakthrough. What is the difference between an LCD mosaic screen that walks on a front-end display and a normal display? LCD mosaic screen for your detailed introduction. 1, Price difference: Ordinary LCD splicing and LCD display in the price is a certain gap, professional mosaic screen than the assembled hardware enclosures, a new + industrial LCD screen, professional display driver motherboard, much higher than the display cost, now multi-low-priced LCD splicing screen, in fact, the market is modified display, basically can say, display the shell, even may use the old screen. 2, the difference of the drive scheme: motherboard scheme is different, splicing screen driver motherboard mainly handles dynamic image better, LCD display due to the start-up time generally not more than 8 hours, the use of civilian display, LCD splicing screen, to withstand 365 days of 24 hours of workload, so we must use a professional monitoring motherboard to ensure high brightness contrast high temperature and so on, reduce the use of screen loss. If the average monitor is used for a long time, its brightness and contrast will be reduced rapidly, affecting its lifespan. This is why most LCD monitors are able to display images normally after the project has just been debugged, but some screens darken during a continuous startup. 3, different angles of vision: LCD mosaic screen can reach 178 degrees, while the average LCD in 178 degrees can only see a blank. This is a very important criterion for distinguishing LCD stitching and LCD. and two input signals are not identical, splicing screen is mainly input video signal, in order to meet the front-end different equipment interface requirements, so splicing screen will exceed the display interface, LCD mosaic screen technology such as the LCD products have BNC, VGA, RGB, HDMI, DVI and other interfaces, to meet the input requirements of different signals and the monitor mainly input VGA signal, interface is mainly VGA, can not meet the various monitoring equipment signal input requirements. 4, LCD screen difference: From the LCD screen level, LCD display using civilian display, and normal LCD splicing screen adopts high-brightness industrial level + LCD screen, backlight requirements higher than the display, so when the screen display LCD will emit insufficient, and did not achieve a good image effect. LCD mosaic screen with the development of science and technology, has been continuously pioneering and innovative, whether sewing or size from the original small size of large sewing to the current large size small seam. Technology is the first productive force, enterprises rely on winning, people live well. LCD mosaic screen Enterprises must have strong technology in many splicing screen manufacturers stand out. New era, situation, the task, require LCD mosaic screen in science and technology innovation has new ideas, new design, new strategy. Give users more choice of better service.

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