The Maintenance Of A Laptop Is Important

- Apr 19, 2017 -

LCD screens (LCD panel) 1, do not forcibly cover the LCD screen on the lid or place any foreign body in the keyboard and display screen between the top of the glass to avoid the pressure caused by internal components damage. 2, for a long time not to use the computer, the keyboard can be through the function key to temporarily only the LCD screen power off, in addition to saving power can prolong the life of the screen. 3, do not use finger nail and sharp objects (hard objects) touch the screen surface to avoid scratching. 4, liquid crystal display screen surface will absorb dust due to electrostatic, it is recommended to buy liquid crystal display screen special wipe cloth to clean your screen, do not use your fingers to avoid leaving fingerprints, and gently wipe. 5, do not use chemical detergent to wipe the screen. Battery (Battery) 1, when there is no external power supply, if the working condition is temporarily not in the PCMCIA slot card, it is recommended to move the card divided by the extension of battery use time. 2, room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the most suitable for the battery operating temperature, high temperature or low operating environment will reduce the battery time. 3. When using a laptop in a stable power supply environment, it is incorrect to remove the battery from prolonging the battery life. In the case of Asus laptop, when the battery is full charge, the battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so there will not be an overcharge. 4, the proposed average three months of battery power correction action. 5, power adapter (AC Adapter) use of reference to international voltage description Keyboard (Keyboard) 1, accumulate dust, can use the brush to clean the gaps, or using the general cleaning camera lens high-pressure jet cans, dust blowing out, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris on the keyboard. 2, clean the surface, can be stained with a little detergent on the soft cloth, in the case of shutting down the keyboard gently wipe surface. Hard drive (Hard disk) 1, as far as possible in a stable condition to use, avoiding the easy to shake the location of the operation of the computer. 2, the switch machine process is the most fragile hard disk. At this time the hard disk bearing has not yet been stable, if the vibration, it is easy to cause bad track. It is recommended to shut down after waiting for about 10 seconds to move the notebook computer. 3, the average monthly performance of a disk reorganization and scanning to improve disk access efficiency. Floppy drive (Floppy) 1, avoid the use of bad appearance or moldy floppy disc. 2, buy floppy drive cleaning tablets, clean and write the head regularly. Optical drive (CD-ROM) 3, use CD-ROM cleaning tablets, regular cleaning of laser reading head. 4, please hand and use the disc into the optical drive, one hand hold the CD tray, the other hand to the CD is really fixed, can avoid CD tray distortion. Trackpad (Touchpad) 1, the use of the trackpad must keep hands clean, lest the occurrence of the cursor running. 2, accidentally dirty the surface, can dry cloth wet a corner gently wipe the surface of the trackpad can be, do not use rough cloth and other items to wipe the surface. 3, the touchpad is an inductive precision electronic components, do not use sharp objects in the touch panel on writing, also not pressure to use, lest cause damage. Heat dissipation (Thermal Dissipation) 1, in general, notebook manufacturers will be through fans, heat pipes (Heat Pipe), large heat sink, heat sink and other ways to reduce the use of the high temperature generated. 2, to save power and avoid noise, the laptop fans are not always running, but the CPU reaches a certain temperature, the fans will not start. 3, put the notebook computer on the soft items, such as: bed, sofa, can plug the Heat sink and affect the cooling effect, and then reduce the operational efficiency, even panic.

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