The Problem That The Touchscreen Should Pay Attention To

- Apr 19, 2017 -

n order to render the touch-finder perfect, the following 4 points should be noted: 1, remove the mouse cursor, the user focus on the screen Influenced by the inertia mode of thinking, the mouse arrows on the screen will make the user want to manipulate the mouse, the cursor will be removed after the effect of the touch screen. 2, User touch screen can be timely response When the user manipulates the touch query, the query machine to make timely response to reflect the friendly human-computer interaction, this response can be visually made users feel, or use sound as a response. 3, use bright background color The bright background color of the screen can hide finger prints, reducing the impact of glare on the sight. Other patterned backgrounds (for example, wrinkle-paper patterns) Make your eyes focus on screen images rather than screen reflections, even in areas without icons and menu options. 4, full screen running your application Remove the file name bar and menu bar, and enjoy the visual effects of full-screen running to users.

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